Coming from (772), a “City of no pity”, Florida based rapper “Yellow”, has such an intriguing way of catching the eyes’ and ears’ of people with her music. Influenced at the age of 7 by early morning MTV Hip-hop music videos while waiting for the bus, Yellow started to gain courage to write her own raps. What started as a secret hobby to escape the personal struggles and trauma she went through, Yellow began writing stories that she would share for her class in elementary. In her Middle school English class she then tapped into her love for poetry. She continued writing poetry which she then started  officially putting to instrumentals. By high school Yellow went on to audition and compete in the “Louder than A Bomb” poetry competition. Once discovering that there were other people like her that flipped poetry into music, she started taking rap serious. By this time, the first video of her rapping on Youtube was shared to Facebook. When everyone found out she rapped, fellow peers encouraged her to participated in Lunch cyphers which then her fan base began to buzz. After graduating high school, she started college at Indian River State College. Within a year, she relocated to Atlanta & began attending SAE Institute for Audio Engineering & took her music to another level. In less than a year of being in Atlanta, she made connects with Grammy award winning producer JWhite and started interning at Dj Dramas Means Street Studios. From there she recorded and released her latest single “Whatever” Produced by Rae Sam on all platforms and is currently working on her first EP “Dandelion”. Yellow has been inspired by many of the greatest artist, such as, OutKast, Anita Baker, Missy Elliot,  J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye, Boogie & More. The versatility of her music will anxiously leave you wondering , “What’s next”.