We encourage all artists to come for a consultation with us. Whether you're a beginning or seasoned artist; if you are seeking management, artist development, honest feedback, with a plan of action, and a course of direction, we can help you. This is a meeting that goes over your goals, aspirations, expectations and answers questions you may have about how to get where you want to be; in addition to us consulting on your vocal ability (if applicable), performance ability, image, recording voice, interview techniques and much more.

The consultations last approximately 30 minutes and you'll receive ideas for improving yourself going forward. We are completely honest in consulting with you and will help you find your strengths and discover your weaknesses so that regardless of whether you choose to work with CSP Music Group, you know what you need to focus on to achieve your own personal goals. CSP Music Group can consult with you regarding any aspect of your career. We offer an In-Person or Phone Consultation. Consultations offer dedicated one on one time to outline a productive plan.

Select a location nearest you for an in-person consultation. Select our Atlanta location to schedule a phone consultation. We look forward to meeting you.